Declaration Of Interdependence

I have not yet seen Tiffany Shlain's CONNECTED but this trailer alone should be the motto for all Truly Free Filmmakers. And it certainly gets me excited to see the film. How timely!

PS. Based on what Tiffany did with her short film, she has long been one of the Truly Free Film heroes.

Homage Trailers Are The New Party Game

Start guessing what movie Eddie Burns is now playing homage too here:

Last one to guess, drinks the beer. Or is it the first one to guess, gets it. Either way Eddie has shown one easy answer on how to get people aware of your film in a new fun way.  Imagine if there was a website where filmmakers placed their homages and it was up to the audience to guess the original.  It would be a party game and a discovery tool all in one.

And if you want the answer, click here.

Old Is New Again

I have often felt that you could do a shot for shot remake of Godard's A WOMAN IS A WOMAN and win Sundance with it. It feels as fresh today as it did when it came out -- which is both a testament to the quality of the film and condemnation of our current culture. We haven't exactly moved forward in terms of our art forms and storytelling. One thing that has reinforced my conviction that remakes could be the freshest thing on the planet, is Eddie Burns' series of "homage" trailers he's done around his latest film NICE GUY JOHNNY. If I saw this trailer without the context of what Eddie is up to, I would run to the theater to catch the feature. Even knowing that this is the third in a series of trailers that Eddie has done, it still makes me want to see what he's been up to lately. Clearly he's been inspired, and is having a lot of fun.

Okay, so this homage is not to the french new wave, but it is to a film that was heavily informed by all that those folks were up to, and filtered it through a big Hollywood lens. Did you name it? Got it after the jump.

The Next Big Thing? Homage Trailers

Yesterday, I posted how Edward Burns has found inspiration in the classics, or at least in the classics' trailers.  I get a huge kick from his "remakes"  that he has created around his new film NICE GUY JOHNNY.  "Homages" to the greats are both funny to watch and a great discovery tool.  So if you had a jones for more after yesterday's serving of Antonioni's L'AVVENTURA, why stop there?  Here's Eddie's remake of Godard's CONTEMPT:

And of course, the original:

NICE GUY JOHNNY opens everywhere on all platforms October 26th.

Let's Remake The Greatest Movies Of All Time!

Okay, let's let the the great movies be the great movies (at least for now), but who says we can't have fun with their various extensions?  Eddie Burns is on a role.  He's always gotten a great deal of inspiration from the greats.  THE BROTHERS McMULLEN had a bit of Woody Allen -- in Irish drag -- as it's patron saint.  He's found new inspiration and energy from an embrace of DIY and social media, and as much as he's looking forward, he's drawing on the past.  To get us all ready for his new film NICE GUY JOHNNY (opening on all platforms Oct. 26), Eddie has looked at  the greatest movies ever made, but hey he's a busy guy, so he doesn't have time to watch the whole feature and has settled on the trailers. Does this trailer remind you of anything you've seen before? It should, because it is L'Avventura.  Eddie won't leave it there either; he's got more to remake.  This sort of inspired homage, playful and accessible, is a great example of the sort of innovative approaches filmmakers embrace when there is no corporate overlord lurching above.  You can picture that soon, we will be able to see the entire Criterion collection's trailers remade by Indie filmmakers having fun as they seek new ways to aid audiences in discovering their work.  And hey and if it brings a few fans back to the classics as a result of recognizing the originals..., that ain't so bad either.

Here's the trailer for Antonioni's original:

"A New Experience In Motion Picture Eroticism"

They just don't make them like they used to, eh? Watching trailers on the classics, truly makes me want the super power of time travel so I could return to a time when the first impression was devoid of camp. Still though, show this trailer for Antonioni's L'Avventura in the theater today, and I would be at a screening tomorrow. Beautiful and sexy and black and white. What more do you need? One question though, does anyone know what this piece of music is that plays underneath the voiceover?

"That Was A Good Trailer"

Film Forum showed this trailer before the restored print of METROPOLIS. When it was done, the nine year old young man next to me turned to me and said "That was a good trailer". He knows of what he speaks. And thus how little we have traveled. Fifty years is the age of Godard's BREATHLESS and it still feels fresh even to an innocent's eyes. And for that matter, METROPOLIS totally stood up and got the approved stamp of "exciting" from both my son and his friend.

Wanted: List Of Websites That Post Trailers

When I spoke at IFF at TIFF with Festival Darling's Thomas Mai, he said there were 154 websites that posted film trailers. We need that list. Maybe Thomas will share it with us, but in the meantime with Sundance around the corner and Berlin on it's heels, we can't afford to wait to post. Let's build that list! What sites do you know?

And hey, since it is my birthday, why not give out your knowledge as a gift? If not, I will settle for a good bottle of single malt...

Inside all of us....

some wild thing.  

We are hesitant to post trailers in our bowl, but we have been waiting too long for this film and it seems like they may have done everything right!  We are going to get our time machine working this weekend and hop on over to Oct. 17th.  Unfortunately, when we return our memory is always wiped clean so we won't be able to tell you how great it is quite yet.  Luckily we can enjoy this right here and now.

Sundance Trailers

2009 can already be marked as the year that filmmakers and distributors launched trailers prior to Sundance and Slamdance. We won't yet have the majority of filmmakers being truly prepared, but new ones seems to debut daily.

I imagine next year the festival catalogue might link to the trailers. Hopefully at least the online version. Maybe they will link to clips too. For now though, we have to be content to find them ourselves.
A few weeks back we posted about Cinematical's growing list. We can now add six more to it:
Dead Snow; dir by Tommy Wirkola (hat tip: TrailerSpy)
Disturbing The Universe: William Kunstler; directed by Sarah & Emily Kunstler
Manure (teaser); directed by The Polish Brothers (hat tip: /Film)
Roseancrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead (slamdance); directed by Jordan Galland

Taking Chance; directed by Ross Katz (hat tip: /Film)

We Live In Public; directed by Ondi Timor (hat tip: Thompson On Hollywood)
Once again though it should be noted that The Workbook Project is on it for you.  For those of you that are thinking of next Sundance already, Zak Forsman has a post on how to cut an effective indie trailer.  Check it out.