Ban Humans From TV!

What if Humans were never on TV?  Only animals and animation.  Hmmm....  At least we'd probably get to watch LANCELOT LINK SECRET CHIMP a whole lot more.  This show played on network TV in prime time around 1970, which meant that back then almost forty years ago, this is what "They" thought all Americans wanted to do after dinner.  Maybe they were right?  Maybe the time is right for Chimp TV.

Not Your Parents' DOCTOR WHO

Two holidays ago, we encountered Theo, an eight year old boy in a spiffy suit with a great Brit accent.  When we asked about his get up, he told us of Doctor Who, whom he was playing homage to.  We are forever indebted to Theo.

 The BBC has completely reinvigorated this series, with great scripts, actors, and CGI special effects.  Yes, it's creepy.  Yes, it's sometimes scary.  And yes, it's generally mind-blowing.  We think you need to be seven years old to get the permit to watch it.  But Netflix has the entire series run (they are now up to Season Four).  And they have pretty darn good website too!  Check it out.

You Are Never Too Young For Indie Rock!

We don't have TV in our house.  No cable.  No broadcast.  But we do have a DVD player and we do have the internet.   Got keep a toe in pop culture somehow...
As a result though I only know Yo Gabba Gabba via YouTube, but I have to say I love this marriage of Indie Rock and Animation.  Both these songs, by Red House Painters and Dean & Britta are great, and the animation is lovely.