Remake Your Favorite Movies Yourself! How About "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" To Start? completes her week of guest blogging in the Bowl Of Noses today.  Super big thanks for all the good links, Mrs P!  Who's next?!

Learning the craft of filmmaking comes in many forms. This shot-for-shot remake by some Mississippi kids who spent much of the 1980’s recreating “Raiders of the Lost Ark”,  I am sure taught them much about how a filmmaker thinks and what it takes to execute a scene. We have seen this technique used to pay homage to other filmmakers, like when Gus Van Sant recreated his shot-by-shot of Alfred Hitchcock’s  “Psycho”. They type of diligence shows a real love for the craft. I love that these kids had such a long attention span to complete this too. It may have been awhile since people have seen this one. Here's the first ten minutes., honored with the American Library Associations Great Site for Kids distinction, creates and publishes free video stories read and performed by acclaimed T.V. actress Kathy Kinney. The site has no advertising and offers interactive games, coloring sheets, and activity guides along with “show me the words” options on every story to help early readers, and ESL students.

Homemade Doctor Who

It's the weekend, so we are watching the Doctor.  We are almost done with Season Two.  Soon we will have to say good-bye to Rose.  It's tough to get enough.  I am sure that they can't make them fast enough.

Thankfully, the fans have started to make their own.  BoingBoing tipped us to this "sweded" adventure.  It's gets big points for the Dalek costume.