Our Vision Of The Universe Is A Time Machine

Time travel is go.  When we look into Extreme Deep Field aka Space we see the past.  We photograph the past. We approach the past.  It is time travel.

When you look into space, when technology renders it real for us, when we capture the images, our imagination soars.  Without art, we'd have less science.  Without science, we'd have less art.  Peanut butter & jelly.  Blucheese and fresh figs.


Earth Rise and Earth Set

These images were taken from the Japanese space capsule Selene in 2007.  It may be eight minutes without any sound, but sit back and watch things from a different perspective.  If you aren't glad you did, we will put your money back in the bowl.

The EarthRise image Wide Shot was taken from near the North Pole, and the Arabian Peninsula and Indian Ocean can be observed on the Earth.

The EarthSet image Tele Shot was taken from near the South Pole, and we can see the Australian Continent (center left) and the Asian Continent (lower right) on the Earth.