Some People Make The World A Better Place

I have always thought that evolution is too slow. Too many of us are too content with just being normal human beings. And then there are those who refuse the paltry limits our existence has imposed us...

I am pretty sure that the super hero industry is America's top export after the aerospace industry. Although this is generally due to the film industry, it also has had some nice repercussions in other lands. Angle Grinder Man rescues illegally parked cars in London. Mexico City's SuperBarrio organizes labor and files petitions. Polarman shovels sidewalks in Canada.

Oh, did you know that SUPER opens on 4/1/11?

SUPER's Guerilla Marketing Campaign

I am forbidden to reveal how this was done and it would be wrong for anyone in the film to actually take credit.  These things take months of planning.  Most places forbid you from putting anything in the water supply -- and I am not saying anyone involved in the film actually did anything remotely related to such action.  Did you know though that there are already over 300 real-life Superheroes patrolling the streets of this great land? And yes, sometimes they get their nose broken.

You say you are not aware yet, what I am speaking about, when I say SUPER?  It opens on April Fools Day.  Seriously.

Watch this.

It's nice to see though that the super stealth guerilla campaign's seeds have been planted overseas too.  And how others are now taking the bait.

Thanks to Shade Rupe for the tip!