Tell Iran To Free Jafar Panahi

On March 2nd it was reported that the director of THE WHITE BALLOON had been imprisoned by the Government of Iran.  He is still being detained.  I came across this petition and signed it.  I am sure that there is more that can be done, but this is a start. Screen points out:

Panahi, who won the Camera d’Or award at Cannes for his debut feature The White Balloon and took the Golden Lion prize at Venice for The Circle, was a vocal supporter of the opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi in last year’s disputed presidentaial election in Iran.

Petitions For A Wider Release?

Well, it seems like petitions have worked to secure a low budget film a wider release. Morris: A Life With Bells On got 9000 folks to request the film and now they have 50 datesin the UK. Read about it here.

How about that? Add that to the arsenal of tools that you have to get your film booked. I wonder if anyone has used or the like to similar effect. And if not, why not?