Papercraft & More!: Dr. Shroud

"Who's Dr. Shroud?" you ask. Well he's one cool and creepy dude and you can build him yourself pretty darn quick. Check out the papercraft here. And why stop there.  Dr. Shroud's creator has just announced: Dr. Shroud Virtual Sticker Contest!

We're giving away a Dr. Shroud Prize Pack, including a Dr. Shroud action figure, a Dr. Shroud T-Shirt and 5 Dr. Shroud Stickers!

The winner will also get a mention in the upcoming Dr. Shroud episode. Here's what you have to do to win: Simply take the following "virtual sticker" code and copy and paste it onto your website, Facebook page or wherever. Starting April 1st through April 30th, we will track the number of clicks from your site with the highest number of clicks taking the prize.

Just copy the code below and paste it today on your space:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img longdesc="" src="" border="0" alt="Dr. Shroud" width="216" height="288" /></a>

It should look like this:

Dr. Shroud

Up! With Papercraft

We've a bit neglectful of our folding and glueing as of late, yet papercraft figurines fill up our bowl with joyful memories.  

We could definitely use some new designs if you are hiding them any where.  
We are sure you can understand why we were so excited to find this grumpy old guy.  We have set the timer for the new Pixar flick, and any new bit of news or super neato giveaway gets our heart all a flutter.  
Fold, baby, fold!

Thanks /film!

Kami Robo!

Kami-Robo are robot fighters made from paper, measuring 15 to 20 cm. high.  They have joints at the hips, knees, shoulders, elbows and waists which allow them to bend and move quite freely.  About twenty-six years ago,  Tomohiro Yasui started designing and making these fighters, creating an extensive mythology and heirarchy in the process.  They fight in a ring, but it totally tops pro-wrestling with its drama and keen moves.  NOW the whole world is kami-robo crazed.  You can build your own, or even buy ready-made ones if you are a tad lazy -- or in a hurry to join in the fun (so far the only place we've found them is at the MOMA store.  There's lots of great videos on the web too.  This one below gives you a good intro course on their whole story.


We've been doing papercraft creatures in our house for probably two years now.  We highly recommend printing on card stock.  We look back on our paper days as just plain silliness now -- "what were we thinking? paper?!!!".  We call all of them Ready Mechs in honor of the first site we discovered.  Cubecraft though is a great place to start and a great solution to a rainy day -- or one, like today, that's too hot to go out.  More papercraft to come...