Making Music: Collaboration and The Mash Up

One of the great new music art forms of recent times is the mash-up, but it is a lot harder than it first sounds.  A mash-up is essentially of what was originally two or more songs or music tracks that have been mixed together.  It is one of the many ways to make something old new again.  You could say it is the cousin of the sample, which is exactly what it sounds like: a sample of one song used in another song, say just three drum beats or one phrase from the lyrics.

We sneezed three times in excitement when this video landed in our bowl.  From what we can tell, this musician both sampled and asked different people on YouTube to provide chords and beats and then he mixed them all together.  It's like people of all ages from all over the world got together and jammed.  Regardless, it's a great song that will make you want to shake your socks off!