Places To Film #4: Cows & Machines

There certainly has not been enough good movies about cows.  And surely I could find a few better ways to milk this photo.  But whether it's the bovine mutilation spectacular we all have been waiting for, or perhaps a post-modernist updating of "Heidi", somethings got to be done with this.  I mean, where else can you milk eight heifers in a single sitting?

If you want to order one, or just get a price quote you can here.

Places To Films #1: Cuba & Vanishing America

I am tired of watching one Indie masterpiece after another filmed in yet another director's kitchen.  Although the cost of travel, crews, lights, and pesky things like visas prohibit immediate satisfaction,  a producer can dream can't he?

Michael Eastman's photos of Cuba & Vanishing America are both sights to behold.  Some are a little bit more reachable than others.

So Much To See

I am off on a trip to see a place I have always dreamed of going to.  I did not expect to get there so soon. And it's not a minute too fast, as my list of "must sees" has been growing daily.  I have never been much of a traveler, but the internet keeps delivering all of these sights to me, and now I want to explore far beyond my keyboard.  

Deputy Dog's 9 Amzingly Unique Bridges You May Not Have Seen is a must see.  All 9 were new to me and all 9 were pretty incredible.  
The Ultimate Movie In My Head keeps expanding.