Jellyfish! JELLYfish!! JELLYFISH!!!

We need more zooplankton in our bowl! And there are already zillions! You gotta love the Nat Geo Kids site. They have even more great vids. When the parents start complaining that you do don't surf enough educational web sites, just show them this:

(thanks to Merry Traum for this!)

Robo Roundup: Flying Jellyfish

We couldn't contain this one.  We wanted to do a proper roundup (with at least three or more robos), but these were just too cool to stay in The Bowl.  

H2Y had sniffed out that the spineless ones had become a new pet craze, and we must admit we found the phenomenon slightly phishy, but if we could get our paws on these, we'd want a brood.  
Make sure you watch their evolution out of the water and into the air: