Wanted: DIY & Hybrid Distro Liaisons Internationally

The US has a healthy supply of "bookers"  and for-hire distro/marketeers who can help you navigate the theatrical waters when you are looking at DIY or hybrid approaches, but are there the same folks in Europe, Asia, and other territories?  There's got to be right?  So where are they and how can we access them easier?

Many a filmmaker in the US have now decided it makes better sense to split up rights across media, license on a short term or non-exclusive basis, and essentially handle the theatrical themselves on a non-traditional basis.  But why would what makes sense in the US, not also make sense in other territories?

This is one of my wishes for the new year: let's demystify hybrid distribution internationally and build up a good list of companies and individuals to partner with.  If you are out there, let us know!