There's Nothing More Important Than The Third Act

By Scott Meek On this coming Sunday, forty years ago, Scott Meek took his first job in the film business.  I recently asked him if he had any lessons or advice he could share.

There is nothing more important than the third act as it's the third act that carries the momentum of everything that preceded it, that allows the sum to be greater than the parts, creates the meaning and offers the truest emotion.

If I have learned that films work this way and I still believe in the truest possibility of film and of art, then I should also have learned that all of us have three acts too, and that there we have a great responsibility to ourselves to make the third act meaningful by making it truly ours.

It's the act that is entirely owned by character. I have taken control of my own third act so that I can devote it to the person I love and the things I believe to be important,and to the experiences I am yet to have.

Enjoy your life, feel freed by its possibilities and here's a toast to worthwhile dramatic structures...

Scott Meek is the one of the few folks who have been something of a mentor to Ted Hope.  Scott has done a tremendous amount of good and meaningful work in the film industry, including helping to launch the directorial careers of Hal Hartley and others.  Back when he had had cascading tresses of hair, on September 16 1972, Scott became Deputy Manager of the National Film Theatre. All he could think about was that he had a job which allowed him to see up to a 1000 films a year while getting paid. His wonder that one can earn a living by watching films or by helping to make up stories remains untarnished.

Charlie Kaufman On How To Not Be A Zombie Slave

Charlie Kaufman gave this speech on my birthday last year at the BAFTA lectures, but it is a gift to us all. Charlie will inspire you. He inspires me. I wish we could clone him but am also glad he is one of a kind.

Thanks to Neil Fox (@drgonzolives) for tipping me to this.

Inspiration 101: "How I Wrote..."

I just stumbled across The Guardian's live music series "How I Wrote..." where musicians tell of the inspiration behind their top songs -- and then perform them live in the studio.  It's quite a find and worthy of burning off  at least an hour today.  From Cee Lo Green, British Sea Power, Warpaint, Antony & The Johnsons, to Rufus Wainwright and Corinne Bailey Rae.  It's quite a collection.

You can follow them on Twitter to get the latest updates of course..

SUPER's Rainn Wilson Gets Philosophical (Again)

Rainn gives back in a big way. I am a bit in awe in how generative and generous this man is. There's a reason why he has over 2 million twitter followers and it's not just because he's really funny. He cares about things. He cares about people. He cares about process. He's thoughtful. And he's one of the folks I am thankful for getting to know in this past year.

BTW, if you haven't encountered yet, stop delaying. It is where I found this vid and it is one of the best curated sites out there. Give yourself a gift for being so damn good this year and subscribe to their free weekly newsletter. It will make your new year even better.

Kids Can Save The World

In 1992, Severn Suzuki, age 13, spoke before the United Nations and told all the adults what harm they have done to the world, and asked them what they are going to do to save it.  The world leaders listened closely to what she had to say.

Now is the time, for everyone to speak up, and ask what we can do.  Actions speak louder than words.  As Severn showed, one child can inspire millions to change their ways.