Room To Move

Eventually you will be able to find out everything about anything, and someday you won't even have to work hard to find it.  Not that I want any life other than Even More Knowledge, but part of me already feels like we are in The Days Of Too Much Information.  Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me and  a little more ignorance wasn't bliss, but studies have shown that those that don't accept basic facts (that we are destroying the planet, our freedoms are being reduced, opportunities are being diminished -- that kind of thing) are far happier than those of us that do.

I think THIS site is a really good idea nonetheless.  Presumably Tripkick is designed to keep you out of that hotel room by the service elevator and the one that overlooks trash alley.  The miserablist in me relishes it for when you can only get a specific room and you want to know just how bad the trip is going to be.  Of course though, like most things, it's only catering to the high end of life, so unless your life is consistently in high six figures you are stuck still with the luck of the draw.