Styles of Animation #6: Sand Drawing

Kseniya Simonova's from The Ukraine. And here she is on Ukaraine's Talent Show. Here in our bowl, we rate her higher than that Boyle woman, but what do we know? We know we like drawing and we've never seen it done this way. Both the image and the artist dances throughout. The text tells us that is a story of when Germany invaded the Ukaraine in WW2, but even without knowing that we were fascinated. If it is live, is it still animation?

Wall Doodling Puzzle

About two weeks ago we stumbled upon Rinpaeshidan, a drawing team in Japan. We can't get enough of them. There is something kind of magical on their willingness to draw on top of each other.

This is a good idea they had: to make a four panel drawing that they can switch around the panels like a puzzle. Check out their website too for more good stuff. I think we will be seeing a lot from this crew.

Doodling to 10th Degree: Rinpa Eshidan

Thanks to Doodlage, last week I stumbled upon this Japanese doodling crew, Rinpa Eshidan.  Ever since I wandered into a Chelsea gallery last year and saw the work of Buenos Aires based Blu I have been hungry for more "draw over" work.

Blu and this Japanese crew go at with an exuberance that's hard to beat.  Blu's got more of a narrative blend and complete mindblowing silliness.  Rinpa Eshidan is more decorative, but certainly not lacking in the other departments either.  We featured them over at Bowl Of Noses last week, but you can expect to see more of them I am sure.

The Most Famous Anonymous Artist Ever

Banksy maybe becoming a bit ubiquitous (okay say that ten-times-fast), but I definitely think he makes the world a better place. (See early post here).

WebUrbanist meanwhile keeps doing damn good curating on a daily basis.  They are definitely on my list: One-Hundred-Blogs-You-Must-Subscribe-To-Before-You-Die-List.  If I was president I would add two hours to each day just so I could surf through their site.  Yesterday they started an eight part series dedicated to the unknown man.  So if you were wondering, that's why I was in such a smiley mood.

Today (07.22.08) WebUrbanist posted part two on the stencils of Banksy.

Leave It To Banksy

Cannes has been too expensive for me to attend the last couple of years.  And it is really elitist, isn't it? 

Leave it to Banksy to solve all those problems.  Welcome to The Cans Festival. Well, London is still pricey, but... YouTube is still free (tip from Bryan B.)
The Banksy book "Wall And Piece" has been a popular one in our house.  My son spotted some wild-posting for a recent show of Banksy's on the day it opened and not only got us there ahead of the swarm but proceeded to pontificate to all attendees on the quality and political ramifications of his various pranks.  Not bad for someone barely over 4 feet tall.  Banksy's done more to keep politics and resistance fun and accessible than anyone since The Clash.

Best Film of 2008: Blu

I saw another installation/film of Blu's awhile back at a gallery in NYC with my family and we were blown (bluwn?) away.  In that one you could see him painting the animation but this one, sans human, with the sun and clouds working as the clock, adds onto the prior one's promise. 

Right now, this is my favorite film of the 2008.  This guy's imagination soars -- and thus does the same for mine.  My son had loved the first one as much as I did.  You might want to scout this one first before screening for the young 'uns as it is a tad freaky -- but good freaky fun if you ask me.  
Of course it is ultimately graffiti and you may have to explain that one, less your walls start to change.  Not to mention the explanation on why Buenos Aires is looking cooler than NYC.

Check out his whole website here.