Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

I have linked to Steven Johnson before. I find how his observation that "chance favors the connected" all that I need to justify the energy I spend trying to unite our indie film community. I still haven't read his book yet, but luckily I do have his lectures.

I love how the environment suggested for good idea generation is chaotic. I long had a piece of calligraphy in my office with the symbols of chaos and creativity. Further his dominant "slow hunch" process helps me from getting too restless about how long it is taking to get us out of the current swamp. I may have to read the book -- if I can find the time that is.

Better Use Of Twitter Avatars

Facebook now allows you to select which avatars or photos show up on your profiles as your "friends". This is a useful tool, particularly if you want to drive new traffic to one of your associates. Twitter however does not allow this. Isn't it about time that they did? Write to them and let them know you'd like this. I did.  This is that tweet I wrote:

@Twitter Could you make it so I could select which avatars show up in my Twitter profile? Thanks. I would appreciate that.