List: Blogs That Will Review Undistributed Films v2.0

Producer Jake Abraham has been producing the distribution of his latest film Lovely By Surprise (screened at the This is that Goldcrest Screening Series mind you!). They've had to find folks all of this land of ours to review it. Luckily for the rest of us, he's found a great amount. Even more fortunate is the fact that Jake recognizes that Truly Free Film Culture can only come by sharing information.

We should all send Jake our thanks for this totally awesome list of blogs that will review undistributed films:

I have more to add to this list thanks to the recommendations that came in when I posted v1.0. I will post them shortly. Maybe someone out there will sort them for the rest of us. Maybe some of you could let us know what of these sites are the best ones. Maybe one day I will have the time to tag this post with all their names.
So much to do...

List: Blogs That Will Review Undistributed Films v1.0

All of these blogs got recommended to me as being open to reviewing unreleased film.

I have placed the name of the individual who recommended next to the blog. Brendon Bouzard Brandon Harris Tze Chun Christophe Lepage Bill Cunningham action,horror, pulp,sci-fi, thriller Christophe Lepage Ted Hope Christophe Lepage Tze Chun & Christophe Lepage Tze Chun

PLEASE NOTE: I have not confirmed this acceptance policy with any of the sites. Please confirm on your own and let me know.
This will be an ongoing to-be-revised list. Check back for updates.

Needed: List of Indie Film Blogs Open To Reviewing Undistrib'd Films

In response to the LOVELY BY SURPRISE post the other day, filmmaker Ashley Meyers wrote in with this suggestion: What Indie Film Blogs will cover undistributed films? Please help us build this list. Let us know which ones you know about. Or better yet, make a whole list and send it in and get the gold star of the day!

I know one, but it will only run the positive reviews. Check out Hammer To Nail (and yes, I did help co-found it).