Failure For The Win: The Video

We learn more from failure than we do success. As a community however we only publicize our successes, and we hide our failures. We should take a page from the world of science, and realize successful experiments can only come about by the collective sharing of failure. The Vimeo Festival gave Ed Burns and I an opportunity to get that ball rolling last weekend. If you missed it, tune in, here.

Failure FTW

Not succeeding plays a hugely important role in the creative process. Join me and Ed Burns at the Vimeo Festival + Awards on June 8 (?) as we discuss the importance of embracing failure in creative work, with postcards from own personal dark days—jobs that went wrong, ideas that fizzled out, expectations decidedly unexceeded—and exploring how failing miserably is crucial to artistic achievement (and maybe even finding happiness). More info here:

The other panels look to be pretty f'n awesome, so you might want to check those out too.