Blatant Lies, Lies, Lies!

Lies can be useful tools in seeing the truth.  And parodies may be easy humor but there's always room for them in our bowls.  In fact, we make extra room for them around here.  

The big business suit wearing adults historically have had a habit (that's a 4 point alliteration!) of trying to sell the public something that just isn't possible. Here some smarties poke some fun at the concept of clean coal:

Special Note For The Grown-Ups: This "commercial" was done by The Coen Brothers. I had no idea when I first posted it!

Save The World! Join The Team! Take The Challenge!

Carbonrally is a website that provides simple actions you and your family (or class) can take to save energy and slow global warming.  They've got them set up so you work as a team with people from all over the world.  And each action is a challenge that you can track and see how people working together can make a really big impact.  Everyone wins!

One of the many great things about being young is that we live in a time of many great challenges.  Working together, every day you can do something to make the world a better place in the future!

Kids Can Save The World

In 1992, Severn Suzuki, age 13, spoke before the United Nations and told all the adults what harm they have done to the world, and asked them what they are going to do to save it.  The world leaders listened closely to what she had to say.

Now is the time, for everyone to speak up, and ask what we can do.  Actions speak louder than words.  As Severn showed, one child can inspire millions to change their ways.

Carbon Footprint Label

We have labels on our food to alert us as to what is in it, shouldn't we also know the environmental costs of the products we consume?  If we knew that when we drink ordinary water imported from Fiji, we are contributing X to the carbon emission crisis, would we change our habits?  How would we get manufacturers to post a simple label on all products?

The New York Times had a relevant article back in April, posted here.  Evidently, Tesco, Britian's largest supermarket chain has voluntarily introduced just such a system.  Can we import that?