There Is SOME Online Rental Business

Okay, okay.  I stand corrected, but it was a good headline, wasn't it?  And I am not sure if $385Million per year in the US of online renting and downloading is cause to rejoice.

Besides, if you noticed, my post was really a jumping off point to try to address how we want to watch, or at least like to watch.  We do have to offer our work for single transactions, but we have to recognize that is not how most people are choosing to watch.  And yes, as many noted, we should not judge the lack of traction on YouTube for online rentals as representative of much.  As Scilla Andreen pointed out, you need to honor your work with appropriate placement.  YouTube has done so well building a community of generators and viewers accustomed to watching for free, it may be antithetical to the experience to pay anything ever there.