How To Make Darth Vader Totally Uncool

It's always hard to explain the definition of "cheesey". Maybe you have to say it in French. This video shows what happens when you take one of the coolest things every conceived and mix it with bad Eurodisco, totally lame-o dance moves, and retro video fx. Even though you could it up under "bad" in the dictionary, it still has the ability to make us smile. That is a good definition of cheesey.

Change Your Shirt

You probably know Michel Gondry from either his Lego videos or solving Rubik's Cubes with either his feet or nose.  He also is responsible for popularizing "swedes" -- the home made lo-fi versions of popular films.  He's been making movies and videos forever and is always great.  Here he takes a simple idea -- a shirt with one pattern on the front and another on the back -- and weaves a very complicated dance out of it.  Make sure to stay to the end as it gets close to glorious.

Wanted: A Lifetime Subscription To Michel Gondry's Work

If we could, we would subscribe. Michel's work is so consistent, so mind-blowing. So joyful. So inventive. If we could bestow a "World Treasure" certification we would. He and his work would certainly have their own wing in The Ted Museum. I can honestly say I have never learned how to see the world differently as well as I did the time I got to spend by Michel's side as he directed "Human Nature". He sees the world -- and how to rearrange it -- like no other.

Even a young mind absorbs this is something else afoot, with Michel's brain. My son watched his work at a very young age, and holds him, like Charles Chaplin, as someone who does it all quite brilliantly -- and makes the world a better place to live as a result.

This is his latest video: