Read Before You Buy

Lookybook is a great website that allows you to look at a whole picture book before you buy.  Okay, okay: we know most of you think you are too big for picture books, but let me tell you something: as old as a nose grows, good work still smells just as sweet as the day the first nostril fell off the vine (can you put two colons in the same sentence?  isn't that like having four nostrils?).  

And what if you want to find a good new book -- one that is not a hand-me-down to your four year old brother or that five year old girl who lives next door?  How are you going to do that if your parents don't want to take you to a book store?  You have to give the little ones something fresh now and then don't you?
Or maybe you need to get some ideas for the kids' book you are going to draw or write this weekend?  Didn't know you were going to do that?  Do you know how much college costs these days?  Better start to earn some money -- be you a parent or a kid.
Anyway, one of the neat things about Lookybook is you can build your own bookshelf and place all the good ones on it -- which will help that girl and your brother know what's good to read.  Here's just one of their books.  It's much bigger on their website, but if you click on the eyes here, it will grow like Pinocchio's nose -- but not for the same reasons!