Best Film of 2008: Blu

I saw another installation/film of Blu's awhile back at a gallery in NYC with my family and we were blown (bluwn?) away.  In that one you could see him painting the animation but this one, sans human, with the sun and clouds working as the clock, adds onto the prior one's promise. 

Right now, this is my favorite film of the 2008.  This guy's imagination soars -- and thus does the same for mine.  My son had loved the first one as much as I did.  You might want to scout this one first before screening for the young 'uns as it is a tad freaky -- but good freaky fun if you ask me.  
Of course it is ultimately graffiti and you may have to explain that one, less your walls start to change.  Not to mention the explanation on why Buenos Aires is looking cooler than NYC.

Check out his whole website here.