Art: How Many Ways Can You Make It?

The Giant Whale Creator himself, Richard Ellis, tossed this one into the Schnozze Pool and we dig it!  

Proof yet again that there is no end to creativity.  How many different ways are there to make something totally unique and beautiful and stunning?  The list continues to grow.  What we like about this is how it is solid but it is not, how it is a line but it is not.
Now if we can only figure out why they have the same number of balls as homeruns that Hank Aaron hit, we can go to sleep happy tonight.

Rube Goldberg's Spawns!

Why is watching something do lots of stuff for no reason other than to keep moving so entertaining? Is there a section of the brain that loves useless complexity?  Was it really Rube Goldberg that really got this glorious contraption ball rolling.

We've sniffed out a bowlful of such wonderfully organized chaos to place in The Bowl today.
It's hard to find a well shot video of the Goldbergian devices that call themselves art.  But this one qualifies:

George Rhoads seems to be the most recognized complicated-marble-run-as-art maker out there but unfortunately I have not been able to locate any quality videos of his machines in action.  You can see a lot of what he's made right here though.

Staying Wacky Forever

You know those drawings you do that the grownups say "that's so silly!" about? What is it that they are saying then? Do they want you to keep on doing those drawings forever -- or do they want you to stop drawing those creatures right then and now? Did you ever notice how kids' drawings are soooo much fun, but when the drawers get older they forget about monsters and monkeys and start drawing bowls of fruit? It happens. The why is one of those many unanswerable questions.

Dave Pressler never caught that dread fruit bowl disease. He not only draws really great and silly monsters, but he makes sculptures and all kinds of stuff. Check out his website. It's a BOWL of fun.

Monkey Business: Marlene McCarty

You missed a great gallery show in NYC.  Marlene McCarty's gigantic pen and ink drawings were a sight to behold.  The detail and beauty in each drawing covered entire walls.  I was on my way out before I picked up the brochure that told the true story behind each drawing.  Dreams, fantasies, and entire other ways of life emerged fully formed but still encompassing that haze of delirium.  I never wanted a big house with big walls until I found these big drawings to cover them with.

Art From Waste: Chris Jordan

I stumbled upon Chris Jordan's work last year and sent it around to friends.  I just went back to his site and was completely blown away again.  Running The Numbers, An American Self-Portrait is the work.  It "looks at contemporary American culture through the asustere lens of statistics.  Each impage protrays a specific quantity of something.  Statistics canfeel abstract and aneshtetizing, making it difficult to connect with and mke meaning of 3.6 million SUV sales in one year, or 2.3 million Americans in prison, or 32,000 breast augmentation surgeries in the U.S. every month."