Every Letter Of The Alphabet In One Sentence

A pangram sentence is precisely that: one that contains every letter in the alphabet. The most well known is probably "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." but how many more can you learn?

It must be kind of neat to be known as the inventor of a sentence.  It's a bit different than be a "writer".  Nevin Nollop is the inventor of the most well known panagram.

Make Your Own Alphabet

A more accurate title for this post would be: "Make Your Own Font" because we aren't suggesting you throw out our trusty twenty six or even alter how they are built.  We just think it's fun to find the letters where you don't usually look.  

Of course we found all of ours the easy way: on the internet.  Once you start looking, clearly you've got some projects to take you well into your Grown Up Years since where we found them they had alphabets made from things that should have "age appropriate" warnings on them (we will spare you those).  But of course some are just good clean fun too.

Nothing like having a reason to play with your food.  You can now tell your parents why: you are practicing to become a graphic designer and working on a new font!
Or maybe you just stick with food and go to hamburger meat.  

The first one I ever saw like this was made simply by staring up.  The creators were in the city so buildings always got in the way of a big clear sky, but they didn't let that bother them -- they turned it into an alphabet!  The sky spells all the answers.