Answers Needed: Airline Promotions & Quantified Impressions

C'mon gang, let's help ourselves by helping out a filmmaker in need. Today's question (and opportunity) comes from Chris Munch:

"Can anyone suggest reference material or a sample proposal that illustrates how the advertising industry translates theatrical playdates, DVD sales and rentals, and digital downloads into numbers of impressions? Are there industry standards that quantify a DVD rental unit sold as x-number of impressions? I am trying to prepare a proposal for an airline to furnish promotional consideration in the form of travel vouchers, and need to present them with projections of what sort of exposure (in terms of thousands of impressions) my film will have once it is done. I'm sure that these models exist, but so far I have not been able to access them. Thanks in advance for any advice or assistance."

And although others have their faves, I think Chris' THE HOURS AND TIMES is one of the greats of 90's American Indie Cinema. We need to have Chris make more movies!