For The Love of Yo-Yo's

When I was around ten I learned to "Walk The Dog", "Rock The Baby", and "Round The World".  I was IT.  Why?  Because I had a YO-YO, and, boy, could I do some mean tricks!  I think it was a "Satellite" which was a butterfly shaped yo-yo that lit up when you made it "sleep".  At that time, it was pretty much the definition of cool.

What's so cool about a YO-YO?  Well, you won't ever really know unless you see a master (and then try it yourself, and practicepracticepractice).  This Saturday, if you are in NYC, will be your chance.  Come to South Street Seaport around 11A for the International Yo Yo Open.  A Japanese Action Punk band in funny costumes will perform at the end around 430P.  Read about the fun here.  If you need a Yo-Yo in a hurry, you can go here.
It's hard to recognize what's really amazing about this master unless you have really played with a Yo-Yo.  He's pretty incredible.