Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

I have linked to Steven Johnson before. I find how his observation that "chance favors the connected" all that I need to justify the energy I spend trying to unite our indie film community. I still haven't read his book yet, but luckily I do have his lectures.

I love how the environment suggested for good idea generation is chaotic. I long had a piece of calligraphy in my office with the symbols of chaos and creativity. Further his dominant "slow hunch" process helps me from getting too restless about how long it is taking to get us out of the current swamp. I may have to read the book -- if I can find the time that is.

Chance Favors The Connected Mind

Animated lectures have become one of my fave web content forms.  Most of my pleasures of this sort have come from tips from my wife as to what is posted to YouTube via RSA Animate (I've posted some of these before).

The "trailer" for Steven Johnson's new book "Where Good Ideas Come From" was via a Fred Wilson post, and makes a good case for why we should not lament this Culture Of Distraction (and if you are wondering what to get me for my birthday, it's on my list).