Animated Docs: One of My Fave Genres

Whether it is "Doc Ellis And The LSD No No" or "I Met The Walrus", I have a unique spot in my heart for Animated Docs.  It may just be  because on the surface it doesn't seem to make sense: how can truth be animated? But then, ultimately my mind rebels against itself and determines that it makes more than sense: it makes truth.

Today's installment, further enhancing my affection for the genre as a whole is, Sascha Ciezata's (iT'S ALIVE! ANIMATION) "When Herzog Rescued Phoenix"

When Herzog Rescued Phoenix from Sascha Ciezata on Vimeo.

What Are Your Favorite Film Quotes?

Continuing on with my crowdsourcing of blog posts for you, I followed up my tweet of "What's the first best lesson you learned about the film business" with one about what was your favorite quote. I didn't get anywhere near as many suggestions, but the results are good. More suggestions are welcome.

Billie Burke On Hollywood: "To survive there, you need the ambition of a Latin-American revolutionary, the ego of a grand opera tenor, and the physical stamina of a cow pony." - (via Randy Finch)

Brian De Palma: "The camera lies all the time; lies 24 times/second. " (via @rudra_banerji Rudra Banerji)

Werner Herzog: "You want to make a film, steal a camera, steal film stock, sneak in to a lab and do it. - from Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe (via @wvfilmmaker Jason Brown)

Alfred Hitchcock: ""A lot of movies are about life, mine are like a slice of cake." (via @rudra_banerji Rudra Banerji)

paraphrasing Mike Nichols: "Directing is like sex. You don't usually get to watch other people doing it, so you are never sure you are doing it right." (via @catsolen)

Graham Taylor: "What’s not boring is making shit happen." (via dantherriault Dan Therriault )

Orson Welles: "A writer needs a pen, an artist needs a brush, but a filmmaker needs an army." (via TS86142 TAKAE)

Orson Welles: "I do try to keep the screen as rich as possible, because I never forget that film itself is a dead thing, for me at least -- the illusion of life fades very quickly when the texture is thin." (via @catsolen)

"Waste everything except Time" 1 of my carpentry mentors. (via @davepowersNYC Dave Powers)