A Really Nice Filmmaker Blog

You know how I feel how important it is to bring your audience early into the process.  You know how I think it is critical to let people know what is that you love and appreciate.  You know that I believe that it is no longer about just the film, but about the ongoing conversation.  And of course it is obvious that I think that none of us can afford to just make good work, but that we need to make better films.

I was really excited to learn of Australian-based filmmaker Rhys Graham's blog The Bouy Archives.  It is simple but great (maybe it is great in part because it is simple).  Beautiful photographs.  Great quotes.  Passionate discussions on the work he admires.  And refreshingly free of business chatter.  It makes me want to see his films -- and isn't that the goal?
I got to read and consult on Rhys' project "The Warmth" at Aurora Script Conference this spring.  It's going to be a good movie.  I had no hesitation "following" this blog.  I suggest you do too.  I am going to follow it right into the theater.

Cheat Sheet #4:Jon Reiss' Web Marketing List

Today's post is again brought to you courtesy of Jon Dieringer, and is part of continuing series of cheat sheets from prior TFF posts.

Jon Reiss’ web marketing list:
1. Go to Godaddy.com and purchase a domain name. Get one that ends with .com. Get your movie title. If it is unavailable add “movie” or “themovie” or “film” to the end. (You don’t need to purchase any other services during check-out.)
2. Sign up for WordPress.com. Make your blog the title of your movie/ domain. Start posting press releases and other articles, such as reviews.
3. Sign up for Youtube.com. Make your username title of your movie/ domain. Post your trailer, or you can do a video “pitch”.
4. Sign-up for an account on Facebook.com.
5. Sign-up for Flickr. Get your username title of your movie/ domain.
6. Sign up for an account at del.icio.us. Bookmark your domain, facebook page, blog page and you tube page.
7. Sign up for a google account, to use their alerts, place connect with people who talk about you.
8. Sign up for Box Office Widget. Place this on your website and on your blog. Use it as your signature on forums.
8. Sign up for Spottt. Place this banner code on your myspace page, blog, and the thank you page from Box Office Widget.
10. Go to Yahoo! Groups and find all the groups that may have interest to your film and join. Participate in the group, rather than just spam the group.

Wanted: Web Strategists & Consultants

We have gotten several requests from filmmakers regarding whom they could hire to help them design plans for their films.  First, I think those filmmakers need to move beyond the focus on the film itself, and ask how they can design a web strategy for their work in general.  But moving beyond that issue, I unfortunately don't have many people to point them to (I would love to hear any recommendations you have).   Fortunately, once again, a lot of great resources and individuals have been gathered over at The Workbook Project.

If you are looking for a consultant or strategist for your web plan, check out Motive on the WBJ site.  Alex Johnson, Ana Domb, Micki Krimmel, Jon Reiss, Hunter Weeks, Liz Rosenthal, and of course Lance Weiler and Arin Crumley are available for hire.  If you are going to Sundance, you best get them on your team sooner rather than later.