NYC: When Will The Next Bus Arrive?

It's about time. Now if they only would do it for subways too. And maybe people can be trained not to walk down into the subway when they see people coming up (don't they know a train has just arrived and left the station?!).

Electronic count down displays with expected arrival times will be placed along 34th street:
How come this can't exist everywhere?

Super Fast Safe Trains: Why don't we have them?

The history of Maglevs is pretty darn fascinating.  Did you know they could go up to 4000 mph!  They were invented in 1902!  Why do we have to wait for them to come to our city?  We'd like to write a much longer post, but the Maglev Wiki is pretty swell.  

Sorry that we didn't have time to add photos.  Let us know if you have any to add.

Building Better Transport Systems

Why do grown-ups take so long to figure things out?  Cars have polluted the atmosphere for so long we now have global warming.  Gas is running out and what do the grown ups plan to do?  Our train system is outdated.  Isn't it time for a better mousetrap?  Who's building it?

Courtesy of the writer of Future Tech we get to see how things may get better.  I love all these images and the book is on my Wish List.  This train system above is in development in Japan; not only would it go faster than trains today, but it would also generate excess clean energy via wind and solar panels.
If that looks good, I think this looks even better.  The SkyTran system is a maglev system for individual two-person transport.
London, Belgium, and The Netherlands are soon getting a similar system called ULTra which will be individual electric cars running on either elevated or ground level routes.  It looks just as cool without the monorail.
But what we really need is a sky taxi, or the plane that we can drive on the road.
Wow.  The exiting thing is that these are all in development.  Hopefully it won't take fifteen years like most things seem to.  (thanks! Dark Roasted Blend)