Why Twitter Works

"It seems when you give people easier ways to share information, more good things happen"

Twitter Co-founder Evan Williams speaks at the Ted Conference.  I have been playing with Twitter for about a month now I think.  I still remain unsure of ultimate opinion on it, but Williams makes enough good points for me to keep the experiment going.
The most exciting thing about Twitter is the possibility of real time searches.  What are people thinking about whatever it is you are concerned about right now?  Granted it is a bit like the problem of documentary film: you can only ever film someone being filmed.  Here, with Twitter, it is only what are people who like to tell people what they are thinking about, thinking about X right now.  Still, when my film opens, you know I am going to be doing Twit Searches on the hour.
There seems to be four main types of tweeters: 1) the too much info addict - those that share all they are doing all the time; 2) the large conversation networkers - whether it is subjects or activities shared among large groups (mind you in 140 characters or less); 3) the pushers  - sellers and marketers that want you try what ever they have; and 4) the curators and referral service sorts that offer up what they found.  It's this latter group I subscribe to and follow and so far like where they take me.  I can't consume as much that is out there but like the quick hits I get.   Williams discussion of the intersection of the final two in social action and charitable giving gives me a lot of hope for the platform.
And in this latter group though, I see tremendous growth opportunity.  There's many services that could be provided.  I am excited for what the future will bring.