You Too Will Be Glad You Moved Here

"Fog is cool" I said to myself as I stumbled in from a weekend nosh of idiosyncratic food and drink.  Diverse places and people in a city nestling with nature.  It sure isn't NYC -- and that's a good thing.  I took it as an omen that this video popped up as I thought of my wife  soon joining me here in my new home.  Change is a wonderful thing, particularly positive change and the joy of having someone to share it with.

How great would it be if San Francisco was the Indie Film Hub, and this time instead of a group of aspiring artists and entrepreneurs trying to make it, it emerged as a true community that knew that it had to work together, amassing and learning from mistakes, forever aiming to make deeply resonate work, regardless of individual authorship, work that celebrates the expansive aspects of life today, doesn't shy away from complexity or lack of comfort, and is based on exploration far more than declaration.  Ah, a person can dream....

Todd Solondz Is In San Francisco To Talk To YOU!

Yes Dark Horse in galloping around the bay this weekend.  And I know you want to know where you can meet our jockey.  Put on your pink polo and bring your action figures.

TODD SOLONDZ IN PERSON: filmmaker Todd Solondz will speak at select opening weekend shows:

Q&A Friday (7/20) at the EMBARCADERO after the  7:35
And an intro prior to 9:40 pm

SATURDAY , 7/21 , at the CAMERA 3 in SAN JOSE ( Q&A AFTER the 3pm only )

SATURDAY , 7/21 , SHATTUCK in BERKELY Q&A after the 5:40pm show and
Intro to the 7:50pm 

SUNDAY , 7/22, the San Rafael Q&A After the 7pm only.