A Really Nice Filmmaker Blog

You know how I feel how important it is to bring your audience early into the process.  You know how I think it is critical to let people know what is that you love and appreciate.  You know that I believe that it is no longer about just the film, but about the ongoing conversation.  And of course it is obvious that I think that none of us can afford to just make good work, but that we need to make better films.

I was really excited to learn of Australian-based filmmaker Rhys Graham's blog The Bouy Archives.  It is simple but great (maybe it is great in part because it is simple).  Beautiful photographs.  Great quotes.  Passionate discussions on the work he admires.  And refreshingly free of business chatter.  It makes me want to see his films -- and isn't that the goal?
I got to read and consult on Rhys' project "The Warmth" at Aurora Script Conference this spring.  It's going to be a good movie.  I had no hesitation "following" this blog.  I suggest you do too.  I am going to follow it right into the theater.