Ted Hope Live On Fox Business Network: Is Indie Film Dead?

I never did get to my 38 Reasons but I did get one good answer in.  Peter Guber got my questions (but man, is he GOOD!  He answered the challenges questions better than I could of) and Marina kept getting my other questions.  I did get to give props to Lance Hammer but he was only the first of at least ten people I wanted to mention!  I have to admit though it was a lot of fun.  Many thanks to Reed Martin for getting me on the show (read/buy his book now!).

Helpful Hints: Tiny URLs

I got this note the other day from Reed Martin.  I think it something you might find useful too.

Have you heard about this? 

It's TinyURL.com and it could be helpful for getting the URL to your blogs out to more folks. 

"Tiny URL.com" allows you to basically cut a long link like this:


down to something easier to put on a business card, like this:


Anyway, it's a thought. All my best, Reed