Why I Felt I Must Not Focus On Project-Specific Producing At This Time

AKA " Why I Want To Be Part Of The San Francisco Film Society". Last Wednesday, Oct 3rd, I gave my first address to the membership of The San Francisco Film Society as part of our Annual Funding Campaign Drive.  We had a good turn out; I like to think it was for me and the organization, but the food and wine were both enticing too.  I did my best to explain why I left NYC and headed to San Francisco.  It required that I explain why I love cinema and what it means to me, as well as some of the issues facing filmmakers today and why we need the support of organizations like SFFS.

San Francisco Film Society E.D. Ted Hope from k9sound on Vimeo.

Thanks to Raqcoon Hayop who was there to shoot it and post it for prosperity's sake.