I Have A Few More Things To Say About SUPER

Yesterday around this time I participated in a podcast with Rex Sikes. It's about a one hour interview almost entirely about SUPER. You can hear all the secret details about every and any aspect? How did it we put it together? How did we keep it together? How did it fit together? It was a fun talk. And it available for free right here: http://bit.ly/dybBsU.

Can You Spend A Bit Of Today WIth Me?

I don't know if you made it out to either of the panels or discussions I did last weekend in NYC. If not, perhaps this weekend will be easier. Particularly since I am willing to come to you where ever you happen to be. Why? Simple. Check this out... Last week I did an interview with Noah Nelson for the Turnstyle Podcast. You can stream or download it here.

It's a special for SXSW where SUPER is having it's US Festival Premiere. I won't be there, alas. If you are there, can you do me a favor? Give us a vote on Festival Genius here.