I Don't Do Panels. I Do Do Panels. I Am Doing A Lot Of Panels! What Am I Doing?

I don't like panels. They can never be conversations. They are usually five people pushing separate agendas that have no relation to what the audience is looking to learn. I like discussions. Two, maybe three participants is best. It was just me & Anthony Kaufman in Toronto. I happily moderate panels though, when it is an issue, film, or organization I care about. And sometimes I break my own rules. This weekend I am doing one panel and one conversation. I hope you will come. I may start enforcing my rules after this.

Tomorrow I am participating in " Co-Production Strategies: Identifying and Negotiating US and International Partnerships" at the Film Finance Forum / East. Get tickets here. "This session will address how to identify the right partners and locations for enhanced incentives, work out financial structuring, distribution territories, agreements, and accounting practices, among many other issues when working on co-productions in the current environment."

Moderator: Jeff Begun, Production Executive, The Incentives Office Panelists: Ted Hope, Producer, Double Hope Films Randall Emmett, Co-Chair, Emmett/Furla Films Harris Tulchin, Owner, Harris Tulchin & Associates Pat Swinney Kaufman, Executive Director, New York State Governor's Office for Motion Picture and Television Development Lloyd Kaufman, President, Troma Entertainment

On Sunday, I am participating in IFP's Independent Film Week in "The Hot Button: Is Indie Filmmaking A Career Or A Hobby?" My fellow participants are Scott Macauley and Mynette Louie. The blurb explains: "As production budgets contract and sales struggle to rebound, is it possible to make a career of independent filmmaking? Join the debate on the sustainability of the industry." Get tickets here.

Your Second Chance: New Faces Of NYC Indie Film Video

We had a packed house at Lincoln Center for our "New Faces Of NYC Indie Film" panel. It was a good conversation. Sure, my game show idea did not work out, but hey, when you have eleven people up on the stage with you, it means you have eleven people not talking and that's hard to keep it lively. Luckily, all eleven people had a lot to say and are clearly a group of passionate and committed filmmakers, making sacrifices for the privilege of making their art. If you didn't get there, now through the miraculous power of the internet, you can give us two hours of your time and see what it is you missed.

Watch live streaming video from innovent at livestream.com

And yes, both I and Lincoln Center know, that this panel is very white, young, and generally male and probably straight -- and thus not truly representative of the diversity of talented filmmakers in our city. The Film Society of Lincoln Center has to be acknowledged (and praised) for what may well be the most diverse programming in the world -- this panel excluded. This panel evolved out of an initial idea to focus on new collaborative teams and that was shaping the "casting". It's not an excuse, just an effort to provide context. Of course, we can do better. And I will.

Come Play At My Panel Today At 4P At Lincoln Center

I am moderating the "Some Of The New Faces Of NY Independent Film" panel today to help kick off Lincoln Center's new theaters. They are truly beautiful and will surely be a must-see destination for all Cinemaniacs throughout the universe. As I believe we will have eleven panelists on the stage with me (it having been determined that that is the magic number required to get me to shut up and let someone else talk), it is going to be a bit of a circus.

Not being one to leave chaos well enough alone, I am going to inject it with some more distortion, just for kicks. I have come up with some rules to turn this panel into a bit more of a game.

Lincoln Center New Faces Of Indie Film Circus
Saturday June 11, 2011 4P

Participants: 11 panelists, 1 moderator.
Duration: 2 hrs (90 mins of Q&A, 30 min of audience questions)
Questions: 30 prepared…
Basic Math: 30 questions x 2 minute answers + 1 minute rebuttal = 90 minutes

Six members of the audience will be selected to be “Extenders”. Extenders have the power to provide the panelist with additional time to answer the question.

3 Extenders will have the power to offer a single 2 minute extension to a panelist.

3 other Extenders will have the power to twice offer a 1 minute extension to a panelist. These extensions can not be combined into one answer, but must be limited to a 1 minute extension.

Each answer will be STRICTLY limited to a two-minute response.

After a panelist answers a question, they will not be permitted to answer again until every panelist has answered a question.

Each answer, once the extension has been utilized if so granted, will be offered for rebuttal to another panelist.

Rebuttals will be STRICTLY limited to a one-minute response.

Rebuttals will be offered to the first panelist closest to the left of the answerer who has their hand raised. If no rebuttal is desired, the next question will be asked.

There are no extensions to rebuttals.

At the one minute mark, the panelist to the right of The Answerer has the power of The Gong. By saying “GONG!” loudly this panelist becomes The Disruptor. , The Disruptor stops The Answerer and is granted the power to answer the question themselves for the full two minutes.

Extensions apply fully to The Disruptor’s answers.

The panel will be URL broadcast live at: http://mediadroplets.innovent.tv/

There will be a live Twitter feed. Use the #TedNYC hash tag please to participate.

The Twitter feed will be part of the broadcast.

As moderator, I will consider the questions posed in the Twitter Feed.