Let's Convert All Rooftop Parking Garages Into Drive-In Movie Theaters

The La Times reported:
A new drive-in movie theater is opening atop downtown Los Angeles.

On Oct. 28, Electric Dusk Drive-In will debut on the rooftop of a parking garage at the corner of 4th Street and Broadway.

The drive-in will project a wide selection of classic films, cult favorites and contemporary blockbusters on a 24 foot by 18 foot screen, complete with carhops taking orders from a snack bar.

Ah, imagine a world where each city had more than one such drive-in. Now I have never been a smoker, but I do remember with some fondness when different pleasures had more options to mix with cinematic projection. Somehow I don't think SLAPSHOT or THE KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE would have been so enjoyable if I hadn't seen them at the drive-in as a teenager.

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