It Could Be Getting So Much Better All The Time #10: A National Film Board

Look at what Canada has!  Free streaming of great films!

Imagine if we had government funding for the arts in this country. For a brief moment I had hopes that the stimulus plan would include something more than a token.  As Scott Macauley at Filmmaker Blog reported with a good round-up of the lack thereof, it ain't gonna be so?  You'd think with almost 3 million people employed in the arts in this country, they'd be more of demand for such a stimulus.  It's crazy that when investments like this and the state based film tax credits bring more revenue in, that the politicians don't make the happen.  Sigh...

Well, image if we had a website like this promoting our culture.  What would be the ramifications of that?  Would media literacy increase?  Would artists prosper? Would that be so bad?