We All Love Freedom, Don't We?

Naomi Wolf might love America and what it once stood for more than you.  She certainly is passionate, and she certainly is doing a lot to attempt to preserve our freedoms.  She also makes a good argument that we are on the precipice of losing all that we have come to love. This past Saturday she was on the radio and declared "A coup has taken place!".

Sometimes I feel sluggish and know there are things I have to do for myself, for my family, for my community, and for the world I love, but sometimes it is hard to take action.  Ms. Wolf is more than a cup of coffee.  She's six cans of Jolt and a slap in the face.  And she is a welcome antidote to how little is discussed in our presidential debates.
You can see the interview here.

It will make you say "wow". But can we act? Get rid of our collective sluggishness?  She does make a case that the time is now or never.

She plans to put up a tool kit on her website:
but the tool kit is not up yet, but the trailer for her film is
The film is available on DVD come Oct 21st.

In her radio interview, Ms. Wolf highlights how Representative Brad Sherman said in Congress that representatives were told in told in private that martial law would have to be instilled if they did not pass the bail out plan. You can see him state this below.