Twitter Do or Twitter Don't

I have been playing with my Twitter, not obsessively mind you.  I don't want to go blind or get hair on my palms.  Mostly I use it to link to interesting articles that I don't have much to say on, things I wish others would read too.  You know, the stuff I would like to have a conversation about.  Follow me and see where it goes...

I do find my mind changing due to the Twitter-phenom.  Maybe it is the combo of everything.  It feels like Social Network discourse and Twitter are for the distribution of raw ideas or promotion of the fuller meal.  Blogs are for the half-baked dish.  I still lean towards traditional media for the fully cooked offering.  Nonetheless, being only in month four or so of this experiment in communication, I feel like my brain is re-wiring itself for the sound-bite-esque concept, for whatever is needed to fit on the Twitter page.  It's a bit discouraging.  I like the deep thoughts of days gone by.
Movie Marketing Madness touched in on the Twitter evolution and assorted symptoms.  It's a nice collection of links and worth reading.
This article on Why You Should UnFollow Those Who Don't Follow You is getting a lot of notice.  It's written from the perspective of business first, and not surprisingly I don't agree.  One thing I enjoy about Twitter is the unique information it brings me, working as a filter of news on my select interest.  I am not interested in what people had for breakfast or how their sick cat is doing.   It seems like Twitters might want to split themselves in two if they need to provide the personal details in an effort to gain followers of those who don't want so much information.  We shall see shall we not?
And the WSJ has decided also to tell you How To Twitter.  They sum it up as a broadcast tool to promote yourself.

Movie Website Design Trends

Movie Marketing Madness tipped us to a very extensive article in Smashing Magazine on current trends in Movie Website design.  Although it slants heavily towards the studio pics, several specialized films (the great Waltz With Bashir, The Class, & Milk) are featured as well.  Check it out here.  It would would be great to see the same for True Indies, but I won't hold my breath.

Spreading The Word

How do you get people to know about your film?  To want to see your film?  For a film to work we have to get the word out well beyond the film community.  Whatever the content of your film there is a community who has a direct relationship to it.  Where do they live?  What else are they talking about?

Movie Marketing Madness and ReadWriteWeb each have had good posts on how to find the top blogs regardless of the topic.  So now you can go out and find those folks and start talking.  Get them talking about your movie.

Why Filmmakers Need Twitter

Okay, I haven't written that article yet.  Maybe someone else has and I just haven't looked for it.  If you find it let me know, but I did find Why Studios Need Twitter (via Movie Marketing Madness) and Guidelines For Brands Using Twitter.  Mash them up and filter it through your cinema-obsessed mind and see if it has a beat you can dance to.