Psychedelia Redux

EncyclepdiaPictura seem to be part of a growing wave of mind-blowing filmmakers and artists hellbent on accessing the deep recesses of our lizard brain.  When Corbin slipped me the first taste of their work (knife) I time travelled back to my march through Utah's Paria Canyon in my late teens when I was covered in mud and feeling akin to the Yeti as I scared the various more sane hikers who expected to commune with common nature.  Awww, fond memories.  Bjork since found them and they gave her a great 3D vid too.  

Others in this wave include the band MGMT (check out "Time To Pretend" -- if you haven't been already among the 2.5M who did on YouTube or their interactive video game) & Assume Vivid Astro Focus (featured above).  For a taste of the past, there is Hipgnosis.  Turn on the love light baby.  thanks Mr. Reynolds!