Hope said "Hit" and Lipsky "Suck It" ... then came the response

Karina at Spout called me out on my liberal use of an already overused term.  You ask me though, the meaning of the word "hit" left this world long ago.  And it brought a smile to my face to type each letter as a result.  I couldn't resist.

Her further critique of Jeff Lipsky's Reasons To Be Bullish, Pt 1 & Pt 2, then reminded me of the response of few friends have called me out on my current optimism: that it left them depressed. 
What can I say? In every silver lining broods a deep dark cloud.  Karina labeled it "cranky old man-ism".  She might have something there: I am writing this from the rocker on my front porch.  But Karina got some good response back too.  Old men and their reprimanders are always worth a hoot in my book or blog.  Check it out.