John Fahey: Guitar God

He's also been a great curator, releasing old-time recordings with wonderful packaging.  I've never read his short stories, but I've retold many times my friend's tale of how my pal drove cross country to sell Fahey a collection of RCA acetate classical music recordings, only to find Fahey living in his car because his house had become overwhelmed with his "collections".  Fahey paid him several thousand for the discs, and my friend felt bad because it felt like he took candy from a baby, but my friend was broke and needed the cash.  It was the early days of the internet and a few weeks passed and my friend read how Fahey had just sold a collection of RCA acetate classical music recordings for TENS of thousands of dollars.  Fahey may have seemed crazy, but he was crazy like a fox.  I woke this morning to this song and it brought a smile to my face.