Superhero Yearnings

In the lead up to next week's premiere of SUPER, I encourage you to listen to This American Life's Episode # 178, "Superpowers".  Among the highlights are the battle of invisibility vs. flying -- what does it reveal if you want one over the other. Plus it's got Chris Ware, Real-life Wonder Twins, & Kelly McEvers, whose done virtually everything one needs to do to be considered SUPER. As this was done by Ira quite awhile ago, we can't take credit for it as part of our guerilla campaign.  Perhaps you've seen other aspects of it though.

Seth Rogen Digs SUPER!

I am planning to go see Green Hornet, but now I am going to see it twice. Why?

Because: Seth Rogen loves our movie SUPER (you will have to wait until April Fools Day to see it), but check this out where Seth says:

"..."Super" is just so ballistic and insane… (laughs)… but I really liked it, too. You do watch them with a slight part of your brain just thinking, "Is this f*cking up our sh*t?" (laughs) .

I can see it on the poster already: "so ballistic & insane -- Seth Rogen".

SUPER's Guerilla Marketing Campaign

I am forbidden to reveal how this was done and it would be wrong for anyone in the film to actually take credit.  These things take months of planning.  Most places forbid you from putting anything in the water supply -- and I am not saying anyone involved in the film actually did anything remotely related to such action.  Did you know though that there are already over 300 real-life Superheroes patrolling the streets of this great land? And yes, sometimes they get their nose broken.

You say you are not aware yet, what I am speaking about, when I say SUPER?  It opens on April Fools Day.  Seriously.

Watch this.

It's nice to see though that the super stealth guerilla campaign's seeds have been planted overseas too.  And how others are now taking the bait.

Thanks to Shade Rupe for the tip!

SUPER World Premiere

SUPER World Premiere Clip from Ted Hope on Vimeo.

A clip from the forthcoming extreme superhero film, SUPER, written and directed by James Gunn, starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon, Nathan Fillion, Linda Cardellini, and Michael Rooker. Miranda Bailey was my producing partner. It will be distributed in the U.S. by IFC Films.

Gunn Was First. I Am 23rd!

Our director broke first with this photo forecasting some of the mayhem that The Crimson Bolt and Boltie will get into later on  in our film SUPER (and as the caps tell you, you pronounce the title LOUD, like at eleven), but hey I am always late to the party. [caption id="attachment_4271" align="aligncenter" width="590" caption=""Boltie" & "The Crimson Bolt" manufacture mayhem."][/caption]

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What is SUPER? James Gunn speaks

Earlier this week, our directed posted from his blog his description of what our film is:

“Yes, I know, there have been other films that are superficially the same as ours, movies about real people becoming superheroes – including some very good ones. But ours is the first that, although funny, focuses first and foremost on the emotions of the characters involved. It is a dark, gritty, violent, no-hold-barred independent film that is, I promise you, not at all what you expect.”

Check it out.  James throws in some photos of his girlfriend for good measure.

SUPER Twitter Group List Debuts

Perhaps the greatest contribution the AmerIndie scene has made to film culture has been the demystification of the filmmaking process. It once was a very closed-door operation, and as a result shut out many people from joining by sheer intimidation.

The Studios are evidently very concerned about opening it up further, since so much of the hype/sell is about control (and the timed release) of information. Reports have been in the media about contracts prohibiting Twittering from set. I have also heard about other stars being contractually required to Twitter a few times each week.
Now granted I think that anarchy never gets a fair shake, but I also believe that a community is also about responsible behavior. And adults don't really need that defined for them: they know it whey the are in it. I am really excited by the possibility of looking into a movie process by the Twitter Feeds of the cast & crew. We have one for the movie SUPER that we are shooting right now.
Okay perhaps seeing into the operations of this endeavor might send the folks in the white suits off to every indie film shoot. Blood. Drugs. Potty talk. We have got it all. But hey, I'm encouraging it.
I sent this letter out to the cast and crew after the second day of filming, and we are now finishing up our third:
First off, let me just say: WOW! I was told that this was impossible but you are all proving it otherwise. It's been a short prep with a tremendously ambitious schedule, and we've been making the days (54 set ups today!) and everyone has such a great attitude and spirit. I am loving this film, this crew, this town, this total experience. Thank you.
Secondly though, let me tell you that by working on the film SUPER you are participating in only part of the experience. You now have the chance to get inside the minds of the cast, crew, director and producers -- thanks to the miraculous and free broadcast platform know as Twitter.
Did you know that our star Rainn Wilson is one of the leading Twitter communicators? Over 1.6 Million people receive his daily tweets. Mr. Gunn is no slacker himself in that department with over 20,000 receiving his feeds. And both these guys are really funny.
Me, I use twitter primarily to try to figure out where our film business is going and to try to point it in the direction I want. Everyone on it use it to promote and spread the news, music, and information they want. Hey, even some folks I know have found their significant others on it.
And know what? I found this project on Twitter when Rainn posted about it. This movie would not have happened because of it.
Registering is free. Just go to , select a screen name, and start selecting some people to follow. Or take my advice and write some tweets before you follow them, but really do what you want to do. You can find interesting people to follow by looking at whom your friends follow and clicking on them to follow.
But here is where I think it gets really interesting: I have set up a SUPER group where I list the feeds of everyone involved in the making of the movie. I would like to add your Twitter Feed to the group. So if you join, email me and tell me what your Twitter name is and I will add you to the list.
You can also find all the other Super folk there to follow.
It will give you and the world a new perspective into the film. I am encouraging you to do this, because I have had a lot of fun doing it, and I think we will all learn from doing it. And I think it will be really cool to show the world SUPER from the inside out. But we need your help.
I do request your confidence and discretion though. There are some things we may like to not reveal to the general public, like how the story goes or how things look, and we hope you can respect that, and after all you've read your contract and know what you can and can't do any way, right?
Anyways, thanks for working with James, Miranda, Lampton and all of us on this film. Together, we can make something really great that we will all be proud of. Let's spread the word about what we are doing here.
Any way check out the feed and you can see what it is like to be on set, sort of...