Don't Hide. Declare You Are Here & Plan To F*ck Sh*t Up

And I mean that with all the love I have for the world.

Let's be frank:

  • You want to get your movie made.  
  • You want to live a creative life.  
  • You want to give voice to the unspoken and the underheard.  
  • You know you can do it -- if only you get a chance.

What are you waiting for?  Don't ask for permission. Don't wait to be discovered.  And don't expect to get any help.  Who needs it?

John Singleton at Film Independent's Filmmaker Forum recently stated

" For someone that’s been in the business for over 20 years, it’s never easy — getting into it the business or sustaining yourself in it. You can’t be shy, you can’t be a shrinking violet — that’s not something that you should be projecting to the world when you’re an indie artist. You have to tell yourself you’re going to have to have the resolve and have to endure no matter how many doors close on you.”

Yup.  Speak up.  Louder.  Often.

No one is going to help you (generally speaking). And if you don't expect to find any help from anyone anywhere, those few times that you do, you will recognize them for the tremendous gifts that they are, and you will hold on to them, respect them, nourish them, and learn to lead from them.

Some people will take more than they give.  Some people will break more than they build.  That's what to expect and by doing so, you will be able to spot it, stop it, and drop it.  And you don't have to participate, just because that's how they play their game.  Those are some people you just don't need.

Don't waste time with the haters, those folks that block you from making, or refuse to see the beauty or the glory in that rough nasty bit of business you think is your art.  Noble failures are gems looking for some polish.  You know it and maybe one or two others. That's all you need.  And the stamina to climb up on that horse every time you get knocked off, hopefully learning from that flaw and capitalizing on that opportunity.

So what are you waiting for?  You know you can do it better.  It's their eyes that can't see the truth.  Their vision has been blurred by their experience.  You have a thousand words for snow (or is that love).  Respect the gray, and all it's shades.  Often those who stand too close can't even see where they are.  And you know what?  At Film Independent's Filmmaker Forum, John Singleton went on to say:

“I think it’s easier to make a film now than ever before, you can shoot with a 5D, iphone, ipad. Movies are experimenting with different platforms and this business is evolving and changing, distributors are popping up like weed dispensaries.  There is a lot of opportunity for independent filmmakers.  You just have to be persistent in your vision and your goals to pursue that decision.” 

So little is free.  Many gift givers seek something in return.  We are all in this together so lending a hand is not a favor.  It does take a village, but together we can build it better.  Enough with the slogans, time is a wasting.  Survival is hard but self expression is a wonderful reward that truly unites us.  Maybe one day all will recognize the value.  And that will be quite swell.  Being true to your heart and ideas is a revolutionary act.  I think the world is ready for you to get it done.