Answers Needed: Alternatives to You Tube

A filmmaker asked me if there was any place that would stream a film for free, something other than having to put a feature up in ten minute clips on YouTube. Now of course I recommended he check out the list "Internet Video Platforms" where we have a bunch listed already, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to get a little help expanding our knowledge base. In addition to asking the blogosphere for some answers to this, I put it out to the Twitterverse and got a lot of replies.

@FilmNetDotCom offered their services and suggests we all check them out on Facebook:

@vdovaultreplied The Auteurs hosts some free films @theauteurs

@jbernhard check out

@grkingsuggested - gives a breakdown of free video hosting sites (alternative to YouTube)

@johnnybingham recommended, where you can compare the top 10 web hosting services