A New Filmmakers' Coalition: FilmEES

Via social media, namely Twitter and Facebook, I have gotten to know a lot of filmmakers, their work, and all the excellent things they are doing to build a artist-centric, sustainable, and profitable film community. One of the latest such endeavors is FilmEES, founded by D.A. Sebasstian (Go-Kustom). I asked him to explain what he was up to. This is his post.

The basic idea to start a film Coalition came from several discussions film makers were having on Twitter about Indie-Film Distribution Models and Film Screening Clubs. Two popular hash tags used in the discussions were Ross Pruden’s #infdist and Craig Wilson’s #indieMM

The biggest difference between us and other Indie-Film Coalitions or Collectives is we are not just a website. We are scheduling real events starting in Seattle and San Diego and moving around the globe. Of course you can see members bios, discussions and Video Clips on the FilmEES website but the site is basically just a watering hole.
Lisa Heselton got the basic site up just a few days ago and we just added several new website moderators to add functions quickly to FilmEES. I also am really excited about the DVD Short Film Series we are putting together under Craig’s #indieMM Series. These DVDs will be available online and through other means.
As a record label owner I am very familiar with compilations and their marketing, much more so than an average film maker. I come at this from a musicians background. Being a signed recording artist for decades doesn't help my film making but definitely schooled me on marketing and self promotion. I hope to share that with others- as well as how to make money on your film very quickly, like I did. If you bypass the traditional distribution models and make the film as cost effective as you can you have a chance.
My first feature Hot Rod Girls Save The World has sold 1,300 DVD copies in just 10 months, with very little advertisement and because I made the film for less than $5,000 I am in profit territory now. It can be done. But FilmEES is definitely not the D.A. Sebasstian show. I am a catalyst and moderator. It is the members that will shape what this organization becomes. So far it seems this starting group of FilmEES Members are doers, not just talkers. This brings results into the real world quickly.

We’ve also got support from IndieFlix.com who is helping us set up a FilmEES - IndieFlix Catalog page for our members so they can sell their titles through the FilmEES website, but retain direct control of their titles.

This was an initial idea list for the FilmEES Goals- originally presented in #infdist on Twitter.

1: To establish an international network of Indie-Film Producers, Actors and Companies.
2: To build a data base of information contributed by Members both in the promotion of Indie-Film and making of Indie-Films
3: To create a series of International Showcases using Membership to promote Short Film, Webfilm, Feature Film and Music Video.
4: To create regional networks to help regional Indie-Film Producers & Productions.
5: To establish websites to promote FilmEES Member Films.
6: To create DVD releases with Member trailer and promotional content for Member Projects.
7: To create a massive once a year meeting and Festival for all Members to share, meet and screen their work.
8: To foster upcoming indie-film makers (programs) so they can find creative channels to get their film made.
9: To structure fund raising channels for aspiring FilmEES Film Makers. Maybe with partner groups or organizations.
10: To make movies!!!

As the FilmEES group grows and our projects are available for film viewers to see fist hand the quality of members and their work, the Coalition will gain recognition. Of that I am sure. FilmEES website www.filmees.com
Join us!

D.A. Sebasstian is an artist, film maker, sculptor, writer, inventor, television producer and musician. He fronts the bands Kill Switch...Klick (or KsK) and D.A. Sebasstian & The Inner Demons.
He also runs Go-Kustom Rekords, Films and TV
. His first feature film was Hot Rod Girls Save The World released in 2008 and he is currently in post-production with Rat Rod Rockers! Sebasstian is also a features writer for Car Kulture Deluxe, Gearhead Magazine, Industrial Nation, Outburn and Ol Skool Rodz.