Innovation Lessons From Hollywood

Scott Kirsner of CinemaTech has a good article in the 9/17 Business Week entitled "Innovation Lessons From Hollywood".  A big change is in process in the film world, and although I believe the real innovation is going to come from the Indie sector, this article is Essential Reading.  Kirsner illuminates five key things we all must keep in mind in order to bring the necessary change to the film world (to somewhat paraphrase):

1)Allies Are Essential;
2)Change Takes Time -- the Film Industry Is Reluctant To Change;
3)Understand How Filmmakers Think & Feel;
4)Master the Demo/Feedback Loop, Cultivate Criticism & Listen;
5)Befriend The Outsiders.
These points are all also key to producing in general, with only maybe a shift in the order to move #3 up to the top.  It works as a good description of what I try to do with every script I am interested in bringing to a screen.