Movies I Have Wanted To Make #1

I have a list. Okay, I admit I have many lists. And there are subsets of those many lists. And occasionally some of those subsets even overlap.

On the list of True Stories I Would Like To Find A Movie To Make Incorporating Some Of That Truth In is a small subset incorporating those true Sports stories. There's also one that incorporates true Drug tales. And yes, as you might have guessed, there is more than one crossover between the two of those subsets.
Now I also admit it did not occur to me to turn those over to animation. I am glad someone did have that inspiration -- even if they did beat to it in terms of portraying one of those key moments of intersection.
The animated documentary is quickly becoming one of my favorite film forms too: Waltz With Bashir, Ryan, I Met The Walrus, Chicago 10, and now this:

Thank you James Blagden and No Mas TV!

And thank you J. Max Ruschak for the tip!